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[GILDE] [EzP] recruiting NOW!

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Guild tag: EzP
Guild name: Easy Peasy oO (36bil might ~ 60 members)
Kingdom: 715
Road map: 791>784 > 780 > 715
Requirements: War rally fillers and leaders with a solid troop comp. Steady activity required and evaluated weekly.
Apps support: discord server (pretty dope ngl), line, Wegamers.

EzP started its journey in open kingdom 715 very recently and its members are thirsty for blood in a cooperative and friendly environment! (naughty naughty times you know)
Trash talk, useless and retarded actions are prohibited. We have a new guild shell which will get better very fast as we are gathering active members involved in guild events, monster hunts (wisely scheduled over a week) and burning $$.
If you are ready for intense wars (wow, KvK, rally parties ...) and get real fun, contact one of our recruiters in game. Cheers!