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[Diskussion] Is it a mistake? I do not get runes for my companion.. making me angry :(

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gepostet am 2021-02-23 20:22:49 | Nur die Posts des Autors zeigen

Hello everyone,

hope you are fine.

I started to do my first companions/accompanist in LM. I am focused on Aquiris. At the begininng I only could produce three 1B pacts and got Aquiris runes sometimes. Now I upgraded my mystical towers and I can produce nine 1B pacts. I did produce a lot more than before but I still do not get Aquiris runes anymore. I also pushed them with speed ups and spend gems into it, to finish them directly, to get that runes more fast, BUT I got not 1 rune from this time on... It is making me angry. I spend a lot. Am I too unpatient or is it a mistake in game?

Before I upgraded and builded more towers, I had 8 of 10 runes to lvl up my Aquiris and after that I produced a lot of 1B pacts but never see that runes again. I still have 8 of 10 runes and he is still a baby ..

I finally want to have my first companion and it shall be Aquiris if possible.

Any tips or solutions?

Stay safe :)

gepostet am 2021-03-02 07:38:07 | Nur die Posts des Autors zeigen

Es ist wie bei anderen Gegenständen oder Materialien auch dass es an der Droprate liegt man muss sehr viel Geduld aufbringen wenn man kein Geld ausgibt aber selbst mit Geld dauert es teilweise ewig um bestimmte Dinge zu bekommen sonst wäre man in ein paar Wochen fertig den Account überall auf dem Maximum zu haben